Knife "Basurmanin"

The multi-purpose knife "Basurmanin" was developed at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant in 1991. This is a weapon for self-defense in hand-to-hand combat, as well as a knife for survival in conditions far from civilization. "Basurmanin" is great for use by fishermen, hunters, for domestic purposes.

Basurmanin knife: complete set

With a knife comes a pencil case, scabbard and compass

The set of knife "Basurmanina" includes such elements:

  1. Pencil case with elements of NAZ (life support). It includes: disinfecting tablets for water, cotton wool, a sewing kit from a needle, an awl, a thread, 4 fishing hooks, matches, three lead sinkers, a pin, an adhesive plaster, five meters of fishing line. The case is located inside the handle.
  2. The scabbard, consisting of two halves, serves as a torch for wire or wire voltage up to 3000 volts. On the upper part of the sheath are special staples on which a four-meter nylon tench is wound. Also on it is an abrasive block for sharpening a weapon blade. Inside the lower part of the scabbard is a saw that can be used to saw a wooden block 80 mm thick or a metal part with a cross section of 10 mm. In addition to the saw, there is a harpoon knife with a cutting edge, an opener for cans and bottles, a screwdriver, and a wrench.
  3. There is a compass on the handle of the knife.

The blade is made of high-quality, strong alloy steel, a hole for the safety cord is located on the screw-down cover of the handle, and the thickened end of the limiter can serve as a hammer.

Army knife "Basurmanin"

Army knife "Basurmanin"

The model for army weapons was called HB-1. Its purpose was to equip the employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense. It should be used to defeat the enemy in close combat, to build a camp (to build shelters, to firewood, to cut wood and metal materials, to make improvised means of survival or survival), as well as emergency and rescue equipment (for cutting paracords, slings, and breaking glass in machines, punching, biting electrical wires or steel wires). Later, a commercial version of this knife was developed for use in household purposes, self-defense, in campaigns for survival, and this model received the marking of NV-1-01. The difference between the army and civilian models is as follows:

  • There is no marking of the manufacturer "IZHMASH" on the blade and scabbard. Instead, there is a branded scabbard marking of the plant.
  • OTC acceptance stamps on the compass and scabbard.
  • The harpoon lacks a device for fixing inside the scabbard.
  • The length of the blade is 16 cm, in contrast to the civilian sample having a blade length of 15 cm.
  • The blade thickness is 4 mm, the civilian sample has a blade thickness of 3 mm.
  • The difference in the design of the harpoon.
  • The tip of the saw is chrome-plated, unlike the civilian standard. The reflecting surface acts as an unbreakable mirror.

The blade of the knife is single-blade, without dales. The blade has a slightly concave shape, the handle is also made of steel.

Survival Knife "Basurmanin"

Basurman Survival Knife

Despite the fact that the model of the knife “Basurmanina” НВ-1-01 is intended for civilian self-defense, use during hunting or fishing, it can be purchased only in a specialized store on a hunting ticket, because according to the characteristics of the knife, it refers to cold steel. One of the signs that the knife belongs to this type is the presence of a cross in which the hand rests during a punch strike.

The survival knife "Basurmanin" practically does not differ from the army model, except for the presence of lettering on the blade and scabbard, as well as the differing length of the blade and its thickness.

The advantages of the knife "Basurmanin" include the following:

  1. Multifunctionality
  2. Very high blade strength. It is so high that it allows you to use this edged weapon as an emphasis on the leg.
  3. Excellent cutting ability. With a knife "Basurmanin" you can easily cut parachute slings or wide straps of the suspension system.
  4. The sheath is made of high-strength plastic, which does not add too much extra weight to the weapon.
  5. Convenient fastening of the scabbard to the belt, which allows you to quickly and conveniently remove it, which in many situations becomes fundamentally important.

The penetrating ability of the blade upon impact reaches 10 cm, this is sufficient both during self-defense and in hunting.

There are some shortcomings identified during repeated trials that the army knife went through during field exercises:

  1. The poor location of the tench on the sheath reduces maneuverability in the shrubs.
  2. While throwing weapons, the compass on the handle does not withstand overload.
  3. If the knife is used in emergency situations, the metal handle can cause thermal damage to the palms. In addition, it can be uncomfortable with its short shape and rough notch.
  4. Inadequate supply of matches and disinfecting tablets.

According to the results of practical application by the survivors, the following disadvantages are also noted: the knife cuts well, but does not plan. This is a significant drawback, because in nature it is often necessary to plan wood for the construction of shelters, traps, or for the extraction of firewood. In addition, it is noted that the steel of the HB-1-01 survival model is poorly sharpened. To perform high-quality sharpening using a bar fixed in a sheath, it will take 3-4 days.

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