How to choose a backpack for carrying children on their backs

Perhaps no one will argue that a tourist backpack for carrying children is able to make life easier for tourists who have recently become parents. Still, the birth of children makes serious adjustments to the lives of people who are accustomed to lead an active lifestyle. Ordinary tourism becomes completely impossible - you cannot leave children at home, and a two-year-old child simply cannot walk several kilometers through the forest on his own. But everything changes if you buy a carrying bag.

Backpack advantages and disadvantages

Since a tourist backpack for carrying children has been actively used for more than a hundred years, its use is obvious - it definitely passed the test of time. But still more to learn about it will be very useful.

To begin with, it is great for carrying children from 1 to 5 years old. Carrying a five-year-old child weighing at least 20 kilograms is already very problematic in hands - even a distance of one kilometer will be a very serious test, which not every parent will pass. But if you use a backpack, then such problems will definitely not arise - a person with average physical fitness (and tourists usually keep themselves in great shape) can easily cope with this task.

This is ensured primarily by proper load distribution. Like a good travel backpack, carrying does not rest so much on the shoulders as on the belt. A wide unloading belt carries most of the load to the belt. The center of gravity of a person remains virtually unchanged, and pressure on the shoulders is minimized. Therefore, you can walk a kilometer per kilometers without experiencing much fatigue.

At the same time, the carrying backpack weighs significantly less than even the smallest strollers. So, for a trip with a small child to the store, it will be the best choice - you do not have to carry the child in one hand and the uncomfortable, bulky stroller in the other, going down and climbing the stairs.

Many models are equipped with a large number of pockets - it is very useful to carry various trifles, from cookies for a snack for a child to wet wipes, which may be needed at any time.

The disadvantages of a carrying backpack are practically devoid of. At least high-quality models.

For cheap carrying backpacks, narrow straps made of soft material are often found - under loads they twist and are strongly pressed into the shoulders.

There are also models with the wrong design - they cause a lot of inconvenience to both parents and the child.

How to dress, fasten

Some inexperienced users think that carrying a travel backpack to transport children on their backs is as easy as carrying a small city backpack. However, do not forget - in these tiny backpacks, nothing heavier than a laptop is usually carried. And the child weighs much more.

Therefore, before you first go out for a walk, you need to properly configure your backpack carrying for yourself.

The principle here is exactly the same as on a tourist backpack.

Let's talk about this procedure by points:

  1. Relax all straps and slings to the maximum.
  2. Put on your backpack and place your waist belt on your belt. In most models, the middle should lie just on the bones of the pelvis.
  3. Tighten the shoulder straps. After that, the load will mainly lie on the waist belt, removing the load from the shoulders.
  4. Tighten the shoulder strap attachments so that the load point falls just between the shoulder blades.
  5. Fasten the strap on the chest and tighten the sling so that the load rests on the chest, but does not squeeze too much, does not interfere with breathing.

That's all. Now it remains only to put the child in the carrier, to tighten the belt so that it fits tightly and you can move forward on the long-awaited walk.

Characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing

The modern market offers a large selection of carrying backpacks for tourism and travel. As a result, people who buy their first product in their life often make mistakes - later they have to purchase another model, spending extra money.

It is advisable that the backpack carry a visor

We give some tips that will reduce the likelihood of this to a minimum:

  • Please note that the seat is wide enough and firm (but not rigid). A narrow seat leads to the fact that the child quickly gets tired - blood circulation is disturbed and the walk does not give pleasure, but chores and discomfort. If it is made of soft material, then over time it crumbles under the weight of the child and becomes narrow. Therefore, you need to choose a model with a hard seat, covered on the outside with soft material.
  • Carrying must have ventilation. After all, usually it is made of a dense material that does not breathe. On a hot day, the parent will sweat a lot. But the child is surrounded by non-breathing material from all sides! He will sweat and be capricious.
  • The unloading belt and straps should be wide and tight. When buying, strongly doubt them - they should instantly take their original form. Otherwise, when walking, the straps will dig into the shoulders, and the belt will not be able to cope with its function.
  • It is desirable that the tourist carrying backpack was equipped with a sun visor. On a hot day, he will help a lot, protecting the child from sunburn and shock. It is best to choose a model with a removable visor.
  • The inside should be covered with a soft, natural cloth. With prolonged contact with synthetics, the skin sweats heavily.

Finally, you should pay attention to the carrying pockets. They are never redundant if you are going to take a long walk with your child, not to mention a trip that will take several days.

Rating models

As mentioned above, today you can see a variety of travel backpacks-carrying for hiking with children. We list some of the most successful models and give a brief description of each of them in order to simplify the choice of a suitable carry.


One of the main advantages of this model is its lightness - it weighs only 2.7 kilograms. It has a reliable metal frame and allows you to carry children weighing up to 20 kilograms. Belts are easily fitted to the shape of a specific person. There is a compartment that allows you to place the hydrator - you can drink on the go, without stopping or taking off your backpack.

OSPREY POCO 11 L Carry Backpack

True, the volume of the backpack is very small - only 11 liters. Therefore, this backpack for carrying children on its back is suitable for walking around the city or for couples in which a woman carries a child and his belongings, and the main load is placed in the man’s backpack.


Another good backpack from Osprey. It weighs only a little more than the previous one - 3.4 kilograms. Suitable for carrying children under 5 years old or 20 kilograms. At the same time, the backpack has a volume of 34 liters - already a good application. A good visor reliably protects from the sun. Special belts securely fix the child - he certainly will not fall out, even if you bend over or accidentally fall.


The special shape provides excellent ventilation - this is especially important for hot summer days. Although this tourist backpack for carrying children has a rather high price, it is in great demand.


Durable and easy to carry for long walks or short trips. Weight is only 3.3 kilograms, and the backpack holds up to 15 liters of useful things. Suitable for children weighing up to 20 kilograms. The special shape of the frame allows you to put the carrier on a flat surface so that the child is looked around, and the shoulders and back of the parent rest. A very wide and high-quality belt perfectly distributes the entire weight of the backpack.


A special pocket allows you to have a rain cover or a drinking system on hand.


Very successful model. At an affordable price, it weighs only 3 kilograms, makes it possible to carry a twenty-kilogram child and another 20 liters of useful things. High-quality five-point belt reliably fixes the young traveler. The unloading belt on the sides is wide and dense, so that pressure on the body is minimized.


This tourist backpack for carrying children on the back will provide the child with maximum comfort - a high back with a comfortable pillow will support the head when it is tired and asleep.


VAUDE WALLABI Carry Backpack

The latest model in our rating is suitable for children under the age of three years old - weighing no more than 14 kilograms. The volume of the backpack is also not too large - 12 liters. But it weighs only 2 kilograms.

The special design allows the parent to have access to the child while walking - very convenient if you walk alone, without an accompanying person. The back is made of mesh fabric, which provides excellent ventilation. Seat height is easily adjustable. The unloading belt has dense wings, thanks to which the load is evenly distributed over the belt.

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