What kind of headphones for hunting to choose?

Headphones for hunting in recent years are becoming increasingly popular. They are able not only to provide comfort for the shooter, but also to increase its sensitivity, increasing the chances of a successful hunt. Let's look at what they are and what should be considered when choosing.

What are hunting headphones for?

Indeed, many hunters do not quite understand why a good hunter needs headphones at all. In fact, this is really an indispensable thing that allows you to kill two birds with one stone. For clarity, consider the existing types of headphones.


Many inexperienced hunters, speaking about headphones, have in mind passive models. Their main purpose is to protect the ears from the sharp sound of a shot. You will not say anything - the thing is really good. Indeed, when shot from a 12-16 caliber rifle due to a roar, the hunter may well become deaf for a few seconds. And on the hunt, especially if the target is a wild boar, bear or moose, all sensory organs should be maximally involved.

Passive headphones usually have a cotton filling and shells that fit snugly to the ears. As a result, the rumble of a shot cannot damage the eardrum, at least temporarily stunning the arrow. It is important that they are relatively inexpensive - due to the ease of manufacture.

Alas, there is a serious drawback. Passive headphones drown out not only the shot, but also any other sounds. The hunter may not hear how his comrades turn to him, let the dog bark, or even not pay attention to the crack of twigs breaking under the paws or hooves of prey. As a result, he himself may well become prey.

Well, wearing headphones with you to wear when fired does not always work - you often have to take a shot offhand, practically without aiming. Every fraction of a second is precious here, so no one will waste time putting on headphones.

So, they can be called a good choice for shooting at a shooting range - they have no place for hunting.


This is where active headphones come onto the scene. They have a much more complex device and, accordingly, their cost is much higher. But in terms of efficiency, they can not be compared with passive ones.

To begin with, they not only drown out harsh sounds, protecting the hunter's ears, but also make quiet ones more noticeable. Yes, wearing them, the hunter can easily distinguish the noise of a dog or the screams of other hunters hundreds of meters away, a barely noticeable crunch of needles or thin branches tens of meters.

Therefore, when speaking about hunting equipment, experienced hunters most often mean active headphones for hunting.

Features to consider when choosing headphones

As mentioned above, active headphones are a very expensive purchase. Therefore, one should approach their choice very seriously, responsibly, so that after the first hunt there is no desire to change them to more suitable ones.

So, choosing the right model, be sure to pay attention to:

  • clarity of reproduction;
  • cutoff speed;
  • dimensions of the ear plug;
  • a complete set.

It will be useful to tell in more detail about each of the characteristics, so that even a beginner who buys the first headphones for hunting amplifying the sound does not make mistakes.

Clarity of playback is the most important of the factors. The fact is that cheap models greatly distort the sound. As a result, the hunter hears perfectly the dogs barking or the voice of people, but he cannot make out anything - neither the manner of barking, nor the individual words. Of course, the usefulness of such headphones is very doubtful.

The cutoff speed shows how much time the electronics (we will talk about it later) spend on signal processing. Everything is simpler here - the higher the speed, the better.

Ideally, you should buy active headphones for shooting and hunting, capable of transmitting information instantly, but they are quite expensive.

With dimensions, everything is quite simple. The larger they are, the better they protect their ears from external noise. But at the same time, too massive should not be bought. They usually weigh quite a lot and when worn for many hours, their ears just get tired. In addition, massive headphones increase the size of the head - with no habit, making your way through the thickets, you can begin to cling to low-hanging branches. And they look, to be honest, pretty ridiculous.

Do not forget about the complete set. Some headphones are equipped with a built-in mini-radio and, accordingly, a microphone. This is a really good addition, even if you have to pay extra for it. But after that, you can not shout to your hunting companions for the whole forest, but talk quietly, without advertising your stay, without frightening once again the prey.

Remembering these rules, you can certainly get the best active headphones for hunting, which will last for many years and will not disappoint you.

Active hunting headphones with a walkie-talkie and microphone

Device and principle of operation

The description of passive headphones has long been higher - here the main working medium is ordinary cotton wool. She perfectly muffles the sound of a shot, increasing the hunter's comfort and protecting his nerves - it is difficult to remain calm when a shot suddenly rings under the ear.

Active headphones have a much more complex device. First of all, these are massive cups - ideally, they should completely cut off any external sounds, both quiet and loud. On the outside of the cups there are microphones that pick up any sounds. The received sounds are processed electronically, as a result of which the loud ones are muffled, and the quiet ones are amplified. And after processing, sound is fed into the speakers installed inside the cups. As you can see, the process is quite complicated, although thanks to modern electronics it is carried out instantly.

Browse Popular Models

Arriving at the store to purchase headphones to enhance the sound when hunting, many newcomers are frankly lost. It is not surprising - choosing a suitable model from dozens of proposed ones can be very difficult. They differ in many characteristics, the names of which do not tell the buyer much. Therefore, we simply list a few of the most successful and sought-after models - you definitely won’t have to regret buying them.

Active Sport EAR XT-4 Headphones

Sport EAR XT-4

One of the most sought after headphones on the market today. They are able to increase the volume of rustles by eight times, while at the same time effectively drowning out too loud sounds. Carefully selected materials provide maximum comfort of use. The headband is soft with faux leather trim. The cups are equipped with soft ear pads, so that even with prolonged use, the ears do not get tired, the hunter does not feel discomfort.

Four directional microphones effectively cope with their function - not a single rustle goes unnoticed. Many experienced users value the ability to independently customize each speaker — especially for people who hear better with one ear than with the other.

Active Howard Impact Sport Headphones

Howard impact sport

If you are looking for reliable, but not too expensive active headphones for hunting, then these definitely will not disappoint. Released in the United States, they are reliable and easy to use. Headphones can amplify sound 1.5 times. The frame is flexible, but at the same time resilient. It is reliably protected from deformation, and can also be folded to take up minimum space.

In addition, this model is highly economical - high-quality batteries last for 350 hours. Some owners like the ability to connect headphones to a player or radio station - this significantly increases the functionality of the device.


The only headphones in the ranking made not in the USA, but in Sweden. They are not cheap, but they are reliable. All movable elements are made of metal, which greatly increases the service life - there is no need to worry that some small thing will break during heavy use, failing at the most important moment.

Reliable moisture protection allows you to use them even in the most extreme conditions, and two AAA batteries are enough for the headphones to last up to 600 hours.

Active Walker's Headphones


Despite the low weight (only 320 grams), these headphones are characterized by high strength and reliability. On each bowl, two directional microphones are installed in parallel, which increases sensitivity, allows you to pick up any sounds, even the most inconspicuous.

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