Wild boar hunting, types and choice of weapons depending on the season

Hunters are looking forward to the opening of the season in order to engage in their favorite hobby. Wild boar hunting is just as exciting and exciting as it is dangerous. Failure to comply with the rules of conduct can cost you dearly, because a wounded billhook is like a tank and can cause severe injury to a person.

General hunting rules

Every hunter dreams of getting a trophy in the form of a wild boar carcass, but not everyone gets it. Even after considering all the details to the smallest detail, you can return from hunting with nothing. If you are just a novice hunter, it is better to practice shooting more small game: hare, fox, ducks, pheasants. Boar fishing requires professional skills and certain knowledge. The outcome of events will depend on how carefully you prepare for the fishing process. General rules of hunting include several important points that will help you understand how to hunt wild boar:

  • good preparation. Think in advance where and when you will track the animal. The wild boar hunting season is not open year-round. Usually it lasts from August to the end of February. Hunting with dogs shortens this period to October, and it is better to look for young boars from September to January;
  • explore in advance the territory on which you are going to hunt, talk with the huntsman and find out about the features of the behavior of the beast in this location, the number of individuals, preferred food. Walk the terrain yourself and make a route plan. Check for paths to pass, because windbreaks will greatly complicate the hunting process;
  • Choose a type of hunting. There are several of them, and which one is right for you depends on some factors;
  • prepare weapons, equipment, ammunition. You should not emit odors such as tobacco, alcohol, perfumes, anything that can alert the beast;
  • Only males can be shot. It is forbidden to shoot females or small piglets. An exception is only selective shooting;
  • remember that a wounded pig can attack. After the shoot, you will have a few seconds to make a decision: shoot again or seek shelter;
  • Do not set dogs on a wounded animal, in a fight they can be injured on fangs;
  • weapons should always be ready;
  • Look for tree trunks in search of prey. The more towers the towers are peeled, the larger the boar can meet;
  • at the time of surveillance do not go along the animal trail and in the direction of the wind. It is better to step a little to the side and move against the wind, so you will not frighten away the animal with your smell;
  • try to get close to the beast so that there are trees or bushes between you. Such obstacles will slow down the boar if he decides to attack you;
  • in no case go up to the beast until you are sure that he is dead;
  • if the boar runs on you, jump in front of it to the side. Most likely, there will be no re-attack and he will run away.
Remember that only males can be shot

The last, but most important rule, do not panic. Sober thinking will help you quickly navigate even in the most difficult situations.

The choice of weapons and equipment for hunting

The main thing when choosing a weapon for hunting is its serviceability. Once in the forest, conduct a control shot, recharge and shoot again. The wild boar is a powerful and powerful animal, so the choice of weapons should be appropriate. You can go hunting with a smoothbore or with a rifled gun. A combined type is possible, the main thing is that at the time of shooting the gun provides a reliable defeat of the beast, regardless of hunting conditions.

The choice of a weapon is directly affected by its characteristics. Of the smooth-bore options, 12-gauge and 16-caliber double-barreled shotguns are in demand. Ammunition can be equipped with various types of bullets: Vyatka, Ideal, Poleva, Blondo, etc. You need to choose the right projectile for you by shooting. The quality of the battle is determined by the accuracy, accuracy and penetration of the bullet. The projectile must be weighing at least 35 g, have an accurate and powerful effect. Well-proven bullets of German origin - "Brennik" weighing 36 g. A very important parameter in the choice of weapons - fast reloading.

In rifled weapons, cartridges of 7.62x51 mm, 7.62x54 mm, 7.62x73 mm caliber are used. On larger individuals, more powerful calibers of 8x68 mm, 9.3x62 mm, 9.3x64 mm are chosen. The extraction of the average boar is carried out most often by the SCS model.

Most often, wild boar hunting is carried out by SKS

Before buying a gun, check for noise. The locking mechanisms, fuse and trigger must operate as silently as possible. It is forbidden to hunt wild boar with buckshot; there is a risk of catching a neighboring individual in a pack or dogs if they help you. Do not forget to bring along tools for cleaning and lubricating weapons, as well as a flashlight and night vision scope, if you go hunting in the dark.

The choice of clothes and shoes depends on the season and weather conditions. First of all, the equipment should be convenient for you and inconspicuous for the beast. The fabric from which things are sewn should not rustle, creak and make other frightening sounds. The boar has a very good ear and any extraneous noise will frighten it off. An experienced hunter dresses all of soft fabrics, for the legs there are special pistons from boar skin made out of wool.

Pay particular attention to disguise. Choose clothes with colors that are as close as possible to the color of the environment. Use a mosquito net hat to protect against insects.

How to hunt wild boars, types and features of hunting

You can watch the boar in the places of its feeding or on the paths between the day and feeding. The best time to hunt is early morning or night. At this time, the cleaver leaves its rookery and goes in search of food. If you find a boar lounger, then consider that you are very lucky. Look around for boar footprints. Most likely, from feeding he will return home on the same path. At the height of the season, while you wait for your goal, think about an ambush. It can be a tree and another hill, with which it is convenient to make a well-aimed shot. To attract the beast to your territory, you can sprinkle some corn or grain. The choice of type of hunting depends on the terrain.

Hunting with a corral (round)

Boar raid is the most common type of hunting in the Russian regions. The principle of such fishing in the pasture of the beast by the beaters on the shooters waiting for him. If the terrain is such that the shooters have to settle in places with poor visibility, the team leader warns the beaters to make them less noisy. So the boars will go slower, and the shooters will be more likely to produce a well-aimed shot. Before the corral, all participants in the hunt need to be instructed and clearly follow the established rules without initiative, observing safety measures as well.

Corral hunting is unpredictable. At any moment, a wild boar can attack beaters, instead of running away from them. "Blind" round-ups give positive results if there is a flock of boars in the area. The number of individuals is calculated by the number of tracks. Beaters and shooters should be as quiet as possible, whispering and beeping by tapping the tree.

Hunting with the approach (hiding)

Boar sneaking occurs at the sites of its rookery or on a grease in the daytime. The hunter must silently sneak up to the boar against the wind, using bushes, trees and hollows to mask. In open areas it is better to move crawling. Steal a boar in a sunbed does not work for many. The fact is that the beast lying in the pit is very quiet and invisible. But in the place where he eats it is easy to do.

Hunting with an approach requires certain experience and knowledge of boar habits. Hunting professionalism will tell you where and when the boar is eating and will allow you to bypass these areas in his searches. As a rule, boars do not change their habits and choose rookeries and feeding places on an ongoing basis. Having found, it is better to mark them on the map or make some other mark.

Hunting with hiding can be done with dogs. Usually, huskies are chosen for such purposes. Hunting wild boars with huskies greatly simplifies the process. Hunters in the amount of 2-4 people go with dogs to the places of the alleged justification of wild boars and, reaching the place, let the dogs go. While the dogs are searching for the beast, hunters move through the fields. When the beast is found and raised by dogs, hunters act according to circumstances. The main task is to get as close to the boar as possible and make an accurate shot.

Wild boar hunting

The method of fishing is similar to a hitch, with the only difference being that a location has already been found - on the tower. This is considered the safest hunting option, as even an angry beast cannot reach you. More suitable for young, inexperienced hunters who are not yet ready to directly contact the boar. One important condition when fishing from the tower is accuracy. If the shot is ineffective, you will not have a second chance, the animal will simply run away. Keep this in mind before hunting wild boar alone.

Wild boar hunting is considered the safest species

Waiting for the opportunity for a shot, behave as silently as possible. Carefully watch the boars so as not to miss the moment when one turns in the direction suitable for a well-aimed shot. Hunting wild boar from the tower can take place at night, just keep in mind that it should be lunar, otherwise it will be almost impossible to consider its target.

Hunting in the fields

It is very convenient to catch the beast on the field. This is where the animal eats. In an area without trees and bushes, the beast is easy to notice and hear by the characteristic sounds made by it during the meal. You need to get to the boar against the wind, silently and waiting for the moments when it freezes and listens. An oats or pea field is considered ideal. In it you can hide, picking up or waiting for the animal, and waiting to produce a shot.

How to shoot a boar

A correctly executed shot is a guarantee of your victory over the mighty boar. Wild boars are very hardy and even an animal wounded in the heart can walk up to 300 m or rush at you. When injured, blood is released in small quantities, because adipose tissue very quickly heals the wound. This determines the "vitality" of the beast after an aimed shot. You can find out if there was a hit by following the traces of the departure of the boar. If you saw drops of blood, it means that the animal is injured and you can wait for the time of his death.

Remember the rules of shots to reduce the number of ineffective hits.

  1. When the boar stands or goes straight to the hunter, you need to get ready and take aim. The shot itself is fired when the beast notices the arrow and turns to its side to leave.
  2. A shot under the shoulder blade touches the heart, in the head - destroys the brain, and in the neck - damages the vertebrae. Remember these three points and try to aim precisely at them.
  3. It is best to shoot at a moving target from a distance of not more than 30 m.
  4. Do not shoot the animal located on a hill above you. If the shot is not effective, the beast will rush down straight at you.
  5. In no case do not aim boar in the chest. In this place he has reliable protection in the form of a collan and your manipulations will only anger the animal.
When hunting a boar, you need to aim at the head, under the shoulder blade or at the neck

Understand what hit was, and in which place it is possible on certain grounds. If the shot fell in the upper part of the body, the boar will writhe, if in the lower - it will jump. Trying to stand on the front hooves of an animal with a damaged spine, and noticing that the beast is cramping, know that you hit him in the head.

Wild boar hunting depending on the season

Each season has its own laws when hunting wild boars. The opening of the season begins for all regions in different ways and depends on the climatic characteristics of the area.

How to hunt wild boar in summer

Typically, by the end of the summer period, wild boars begin to eat intensely, storing fat for the winter. With the onset of dusk, herds of animals go out to the fields, visit gardens and clearings. To understand that you have found a feeding place is possible by characteristic signs. It will be open holes, puddles of mud, traces of litter, traces of hooves, etc. Effectively track the beast from the place of the watering hole in the wake.

Boars choose summer places for sunbeds in shallow ravines, reeds, spruce forests, in general, in those places where there is more moisture and you can hide from the heat. In summer, it is best to hunt wild boar in the fields and open glades on the towers.

Hunting in the fall

The golden season is considered the best period for tracking boars. Zverelovy hunt from a hitch in the fields and near animal trails. At the very beginning of autumn, animals go out to feed immediately after sunset. Then, aimed shots are best performed. In mid-September, wild boars go hunting for food already in the dark.

Wild boar hunting is best in the fall

Hunting in winter

In winter, it is harder to find a place to sit. Choose locations closer to the reeds, dense trees. As at any other time, the beast goes to feed more often at night than during the day. Rookery suits on anthills or under large fir trees. Following the tracks in the snow and droppings, you can determine the location of the animal.

In winter it is more difficult to find food than in summer and experienced hunters use it. They lay out the bait during the day in the proposed location of the boar, and in the evening go fishing.

Going for a captured boar carcass, remember that risk is a noble cause, but not in this case. At the slightest hint of danger to health or life, it is better to retreat. Wild boars, despite their size and clumsiness, are very fast and agile, so from the role of a hunter you can quickly switch to the role of prey.

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