Traveling by Car: A Beginner's Guide or How to Protect Yourself on the Road

The presence of a car is a significant plus for a modern person. In addition to convenience in everyday life, the car offers great opportunities in terms of recreation. Traveling by car is suitable for those who do not like to limit themselves in time and be confined to one place.

Car Travel Planning

Be sure to plan your route in detail

Spontaneity is a good thing if you know when and where to apply it. A quick decision may be to go on a trip by car, but you need to approach this matter with all responsibility. Traveling by car on your own is an extreme activity, so if you are not in this category, look for a company. First of all, decide with whom and where exactly you would like to go. Discuss the pros and cons with future fellow travelers, plan the route, the duration of the trip. Planning will allow you to easily get to the right place at a predetermined time.

If your plans include visits to certain places, you should find out their work schedule, the availability of weekends and sanitary days. Finding the necessary information is not difficult, because almost all institutions post it on Internet sites. Events such as Oktoberfest, various festivals, sports championships, concerts and shows involve a large number of people. There may be problems with accommodation, so it’s better to book a hotel room or a place in a hostel at home. In densely populated cities, this will be your advantage. But if you are not afraid of the possibility of sleeping in a car or in a tent, then there is nothing to worry about. An exception may be only the presence of children. It is better for them to create more comfortable conditions. Kids are generally a separate issue and about the nuances of a trip with them will be described below.

One of the important points is the budget. It should be enough until the end of the trip. To travel by car for the weekend, you will not need a lot of money, but a long vacation requires appropriate investments. What is still good about the machine, because you can load products into it at least for the first time and you won’t have to spend money on them. This is especially true if you go to the coast or to the forest. Do not keep all the money on the card. In a roadside cafe or market, it will be of little use. It is better to sort the amounts for fuel, accommodation, food and entertainment into separate envelopes. So you will be sure that there is enough money for everything.

Be sure to take a road map of the area where you plan to go and mark on it a detailed route with stops. Learn more about this region as some roads, in particular abroad, may be paid.

Take care of your communications. Your family and friends should always know where you are. It is recommended to have two mobile phones with SIM cards. With anything on the road, anything can happen. It can drown, break, discharge. The battery is also better to have a spare. On the trip, it's time to take advantage of the gifts of modern technology: Power Bank, tablet computer, navigator, all this will be very useful.

Preparing the car for the journey

Machine preparation

During the trip, your car for you and a friend, and assistant, and brother. The success of the trip depends on her condition. Check in advance at a trusted service. Even the most minor issues must be fixed. This will avoid breakdowns and accidents on the highway.

Equipment in the car must be available on the list. Each country has its own laws and they need to comply, otherwise you may have problems. For example, going to the UK you don’t have to think about a fire extinguisher, and in Bulgaria you will be fined for the lack of a red emergency triangle and a reflective vest. The best option is to be fully staffed and be calm.

Put in the trunk spare bottles of antifreeze, oil, brake fluid, water. A minimum set of tools, a cable, a spare wheel, clamps, hooks, spare headlights will not be amiss. In addition to the standard set of pharmacy drugs, understaff it based on the individual situation.

If you still do not use the dashcam, it's time to start. Its cost is minimal compared to the amount that the emergency can result in not through your fault. And with the camera it will be easy to prove their innocence. While riding, check the condition of the wheels from time to time and pump them if necessary. Young children should be seated in a special car seat.

Driving on an off-road or poor road surface requires special attention in preparing the vehicle. In order to increase the passability of the car and protect its suspension from damage, spacers are often used to increase clearance (clearance), you can see and order here // They are installed under the front struts and rear springs to slightly raise the car. The modification of this equipment depends on the make of the machine and the place of installation.

Preparing the driver for the ride

The driver or drivers (ate someone from the company has rights) should be as prepared as possible in terms of driving. It is not enough to know the rules of the road in your own country. Going abroad, learn more about the laws of another state.

Read the information about communication with traffic police officers. No one is safe from the "picky" authorities, so familiarity with the road can be useful.

Observe increased concentration on the road. Remember that in your hands not only your life, but also your fellow travelers. Never drive tired or sleepy. Losing an hour or two to rest is not so scary than falling asleep at the wheel and having an accident. You can learn about motels and roadside campsites along the way. There you can relax, take a shower, have a snack and continue the journey with renewed vigor.

Packing bags for the whole family

Packing bags for the whole family over a long distance

Weekend trips do not require special fees. I took a couple of things according to the weather, a couple of shoes and you can hit the road. Long journeys require a larger approach. The advantages of the car in this regard are not disputed. How to get together so as not to gain too much, and at the same time not to forget what is needed. Firstly, you need to make a list for each member of the family, based on the place to which you go and its weather conditions.

It will not be superfluous to take along threads of universal colors, several needles, scissors. Insect repellents and household items (spoons, plates, knives, mugs, thermos) will come in handy.

Children, especially small ones, need more things to travel by car. For them, it is better to allocate a separate bag and equip it with everything necessary, depending on the age of the child. When collecting things, the main thing is not to get carried away so that there is enough space in the trunk.


Making a list for the trip - write down the documents with the first paragraph. Without them, you will not be able to travel; you cannot even travel outside your own country. Each passenger should have the following:

  • identity document (for an adult this is a passport, for a child - a birth certificate);
  • a driver’s license for anyone planning to drive a car, documents for a car, a maintenance ticket, insurance;
  • medical insurance, policy;
  • passport.

It is also necessary to take care of copies of all documents so as not to carry originals everywhere. If you got a new credit card (or several) before the trip, take a document with a PIN code from it. Do not forget pre-purchased tickets, tickets for events, parks, etc.


What to take on a trip? The selection of clothing should be appropriate to weather conditions. Do not bring the entire wardrobe with you, as more than half you definitely will never wear. Pack on the assumption that one outfit is enough for two days. Using simple calculations, you can calculate the number of clothes for the entire trip.

In the summertime, give preference to light things from light fabrics. For the evening you need to take warmer clothes. Do not forget about bathing suits for the beach or pool. Put a spare set of clothes in the car in case the original gets dirty or torn. For children, clothes are needed more, due to the fact that they get dirty much more often.

Take two or three pairs of shoes. Of these, one should be open, and one closed plan, like sneakers or sneakers. This is especially important when traveling to the mountains. The main thing is that in what you pick up, it is comfortable under any conditions.

Hygiene products

Cleanliness must be maintained even on trains. Take everything you need for the first time. Each should have its own face towel. For hands, you can take one at all. Also put a few baths. For girls, the list of hygiene products may be more than men, but do not go too far. If you forget something, there is always the opportunity to buy it at a nearby store.

Put a bottle of water in the trunk and put towels on top of the bag in case you need to wash your hands and wash on the way. In the salon, put a small cosmetic bag with wet wipes, an antiseptic, motion sickness pills (especially suitable for children), painkillers, sunblock (if you want to stop near the pond along the way).

First aid kit

Camping kit

The first-aid kit is equipped with everything you need in emergency situations. But besides this, you should have the following medicines with you:

  • painkillers;
  • antipyretic, including for children;
  • from poisoning;
  • antispasmodics;
  • anti-burn;
  • from allergies;
  • iodine, zelenka;
  • antibiotics
  • throat lozenges;
  • thermometer.
A separate list needs to be made for traveling by car with children and buy medicines that are appropriate for their age.

Other equipment and things

In anticipation of future vacations and gatherings on the road, do not forget about the camera and camera. Pack them with chargers and memory cards (if applicable).

Monopod is useful for selfie lovers. It can become boring on the road, so put your favorite book, crosswords, Mp-3 player with you.

For children, do not forget toys, including for the beach. Just in case, take spare car keys (you never know). Girls know how bad things are without a hair dryer, curling iron, epilator, etc. Now you can find all these devices on sale in a compact camping variant.

Safety on the road, important tips

All the suitcases are collected, the car is waiting at the entrance, the mood is at its height and it's time to hit the road. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, follow these tips:

  • minimize night trips or get enough sleep in front of them;
  • do not go on road in poor health and in a faulty car;
  • talk with fellow travelers and your loved ones route;
  • do not drive in bad weather;
  • stock up on necessary things and food for the first time, then buy as necessary.

Traveling by car is easy and fun, if everything is done according to the rules, and not rely on a happy occasion.

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